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2007: NASA Ames, CA

2006: Univ. Nantes, France

2005: Touchstone Consulting, DC

2004: Verizon Philadelphia, PA

2002: Univ. Maryland, DC

2000: Center for Creative Leadership, NC

1999: CSCL Workshop Stanford University, CA & 1st Compendium Institute gathering, RIACS/NASA Ames


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The place to hang out with Compendium practitioners and reseachers is the Compendium Institute e-mail list. Visit here to manage your subscription, view the latest developments around the world, and to be kept up to date on the latest Compendium releases and publications.

To subscribe to the compendium group send an e-mail to: compendiuminstitute-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

To unsubscribe from the compendium group send an e-mail to: compendiuminstitute-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com

Related Email Newslists

If you're particularly interested in the craft of using Compendium to map problems and discussions in real time using IBIS, then check out the Dialog Mapping email list. If you're interested in argument mapping in general, then there's the ArguMap email list.

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