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2007: NASA Ames, CA

>>> 2006: Univ. Nantes, France

2005: Touchstone Consulting, DC

2004: Verizon Philadelphia, PA

2002: Univ. Maryland, DC

2000: Center for Creative Leadership, NC

1999: CSCL Workshop Stanford University, CA & 1st Compendium Institute gathering, RIACS/NASA Ames


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Compendium Institute :: European Workshop 2006

29-30 June, 2006, Nantes

Chairs: Al Selvin (Open University UK/Verizon USA) and Simon Buckingham Shum (Open University UK)


Compendium is an approach to crafting real time knowledge representations to support sensemaking. Grounded in the IBIS notation for conversational modelling, Compendium combines a hypermedia knowledge mapping tool which is optimized for real time use in discussions, with methods for group facilitation, systematic modelling, and dialogue mapping. Building on our successful 2005 workshop, the global Compendium community is growing rapidly.

This year's workshop and tutorial will be held in Nantes, as part of SdC 2006 - Semaine de la Connaissance ("Knowledge Week") where several major national conferences and workshops are being co-located to promote breadth and synergy. This workshop is an opportunity to learn more about the Compendium approach described in Simon Buckingham Shum's invited talk.


This workshop differs from other SdC workshops, being focused on a specific approach rather than serving as a forum around a broader research topic. The programme mixes a hands-on, tried+tested half-day tutorial with lots of hands-on exercises, followed by case studies, discussions and a final hands-on session when you can get 1-1 advice on Compendium's potential in your context.

You are welcome to come for as little or as much as you wish! You don't have to let us know in advance, but we are interested to know how many we may have, so it would be great to hear from you if you plan to attend any parts of the event. Email us...

The working language will be English


Thurs 29th June


Introduction to Compendium hypermedia knowledge mapping
-- bring a laptop with Compendium software installed, and bring a copy of the Tutorial and Exercises

12h30 Lunch

Case studies

Compendium for Real Time Mission Planning: Hostage Recovery Scenario
Simon Buckingham Shum (Open University UK)

Collaboratively Modeling Mission Control at NASA
Al Selvin (Open University UK/Verizon USA), Maarten Sierhuis (NASA Ames, USA)

Compendium for Human-Agent Collaborative e-Science: NASA Mars Exploration Case Study
Simon Buckingham Shum (Open University UK), Al Selvin (Open University UK/Verizon USA), Maarten Sierhuis (NASA Ames, USA)

Compendium for Literature Analysis: Modelling the Iraq Debate
Simon Buckingham Shum and Alexandra Okada (Open University UK)

16h00 Break

Research and Introduction into Industry of a Tool to Capture and Present Designers Working Rationale
-- this is a industrial case study using DRed, another graphical, issue-based design rationale tool, which has established itself in a major engineering company.
Rob Bracewell, K Wallace (Cambridge University UK)

Discussion of case study
-- following the presentation of the DRed case study , there will be an open discussion of what we can learn from its success, and similarities/differences to Compendium.

17h30 End

Friday 30th June

Theoretical perspectives

Theoretical perspectives on Compendium
Al Selvin (Open University UK/Verizon USA)

11h30 Round table
Open discussion on the above

12h30 Lunch

14h00 Round table
Key challenges: open discussion on how to develop Compendium methodologically, theoretically and technically.
Come and feed in your thoughts.

Hands-on session
1-1 advice on whether Compendium could support your work
(bring examples of your work to see how Compendium could provide representational support, eg. for participatory modelling, rationale capture, information/knowledge management)
Al Selvin (Open University/Verizon), Simon Buckingham Shum (Open University)

17h30 End

Registration and Accommodation

Registration options are on the SdC website. The whole week is a very reasonable 170 Euros (200 Euros after 15 May). As we are a 2-day workshop, you should just pay for the whole week which will cover all your costs most cheaply, and of course give you access to the keynotes and any other conference or workshop tracks of interest (add 30 Euros and join the gala dinner!). You can book very reasonable accommodation via the SdC Accommodation Page, and Nantes Tourist Information has all you need to know to book your plane/train/automobile... and of course, to have a holiday while you're with us!