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2007: NASA Ames, CA

2006: Univ. Nantes, France

2005: Touchstone Consulting, DC

2004: Verizon Philadelphia, PA

2002: Univ. Maryland, DC

2000: Center for Creative Leadership, NC

1999: CSCL Workshop Stanford University, CA & 1st Compendium Institute gathering, RIACS/NASA Ames


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The international Compendium community comprises users, developers, researchers, and enthusiasts. We support the community with workshops, an email newslist, and a showcase of innovative uses of Compendium.

Compendium's R&D has been funded by grants from The Open University, research councils, corporate and government research institutes, and philanthropic foundations. We are delighted to acknowledge their support:


Compendium is used globally across diverse sectors.

Business: 18% (59) Education: 26% (83)
Government: 2% (5) Not for Profit: 13% (43)
Personal: 31% (99) Other: 9% (30)

"I found use for compendium a few years ago in my final years completing my BEng with the OU and found it to be the most amazing piece of software I had ever encountered. The fact that it could be so multi layered became invaluable, not only in my studies, but also for endeavours to muster ideas for business, novels, etc etc. My OU work had been using windows, and then via a VM on a Mac. I thought I would never find the versatility of a Compendium like program again on a mac. I cannot tell you how relieved I am to have found the DMG now available for mac after trying so many products that fell so far short. I really really do appreciate the time and effort that your team has put into this piece of software. Many many thanks, I will always recommend this software. Luke TS Osborne www.LTSOphotography.com" 13-Apr-14
"CogNexus Group has used Compendium software exclusively to support Issue Mapping and Dialogue Mapping services and training since 2008. During this time we have trained over 80 people in the art of Issue Mapping using Compendium, in areas as diverse as public health, energy production, water usage issues, education, and consulting. We see Compendium as the premier tool for supporting the large maps typical of the real-world use of Issue Mapping and Dialogue Mapping. Because Compendium supports capabilities that no other software does, our work would not be possible without it! (KC Burgess Yakemovic, Director of Training, CogNexus Group: http://cognexusgroup.com)" 25-Oct-13
"CompendiumLD is an excellent tool for those seriously interested in modeling interactions between environments, resources, 'teachers', activities and outcomes before implementation." 27-May-13
"Compendium is a highly useful tool for developing ideas, exploring and displaying relationships among concepts, and it is therefore, instrumental in building and restructuring knowledge. In relation to these aspects, it's not only a powerful tool for personal organization but also a practical medium of presentation for instructional purposes that allows the audience to see the big picture as well as various levels of detail. Emrehan Zeybekoglu Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey" 11-Feb-13
"I was fortunate to see Compedium in action yesterday and was most impressed with the ease of which one was able to navigate successfully. Thanks." 10-Dec-12
"Compendium has enabled me to learn and grow in a way that I would not be otherwise able to do. Thank you." 13-Jun-12
"I must say that I have not used Compendium for a while, because I not had the need, and smart phone apps (EverNote) were filling my needs. But, as soon as things get complicated, and I needed to express a web of ideas, I came back. And it's great. Compendium is the closest match there is in software to the method I used many years ago, with circles and connectors, only better. It's much better because (1) you have more than just circles and (2) you can play with your ides to you heart's content. A great feature is the ability to seamlessly convert an Idea into a Map. I use that all the time and it's awesome." 24-May-12
"I use Compendium in every aspect of my consulting practice. I use it: with individuals to elicit a clear snapshot of what my clients are thinking, or how they would assess the issues in their current state. I use it for recording group dialogues, and for facilitating. It's the antidote to non-directed, non-productive talking. It's indulgent and not simply useful to leave this arrow in the quiver. Jordan Engel Independent Strategy Consultant Mentor Chair, Clean Tech Open Mid Atlantic Region" 13-Oct-11
"I have been using Compendium in many different projects not only in the UK but also in Brazil since my PhD in Knowledge Cartography. It is a fantastic tool for learning, researching, debating, sensemaking, designing hypemedia content, remixing OERs. I really love this tool, three of my books present examples and case studies using Compendium in Higher Education and also with children in Primary and Secondary school. Alexandra Okada" 01-Sep-11
"I am researching how to reconstruct space-time from simple faulty sequences of measurements. This is a wickedly complex problem to both understand and communicate. Compendium provides an excellent tool in which I can capture the complex *web* of ideas in a format which helps me to easily reflect on the overall structure, rather than get lost in the detail. --- Stephen Gaito, Managing Director and CTO, PerceptiSys Ltd" 13-Jul-11
"I find the software I expect. I will follow new developments and contribute to the promotion of using this software!" 05-Jun-11
"Its versitility allows you to unleash your brain to collect and organize ideas and have all you mind under your eyes. Once you have mastered it , it will be your best companion." 05-May-11
"Compendium is by far the best tool for organizing your thoughts, especially when it comes to game design. Kacper Szymczak, Poland" 19-Feb-11
"I have taught critical thinking and writing skills to undergrads and this will provide me with visual aids that are easier for the students to comprehend." 19-Feb-11
"I use many mind mapping apps, both cloud and desktop apps, in my issue and dialogue mapping work. However, I have always found Compendium to be the most elegant and engaging when dealing with complex topics over an extended period of time with a diverse and contentious group of stakeholders." 17-Feb-11
"Quite simply this tool is the most awesomest tool and everyone should have it and use it ." 11-Feb-11
"I use Compendium to help me structure ideas when developing complex projects (research projects, literature reviews, research papers, and even books)." 26-Jan-11
"Compendium is not just one more mindmapping software, but allows create concept-maps, flowcharts and other diagrams too. Furthermore, its search function across all included maps and sub-maps together with the tagging and transclusion functions are very helpful to discover complex connections and relationships. Therefore, I use it for my personal knowledge management, to develop project plans and to explain complex connections and issues to others. Thank you very much for your great software, Hartmut http://bliki.international-management-notes.eu/en/" 24-Jan-11
"I use Compendium in my work as an IT Architect, as a mind mapping tool. I find it fits me much more naturally than the standard mind-mapping tools that I find much too hierarchical. It is quick and very reliable, stable and scalable. I have all my maps from the last several years in one database - easily thousands of nodes. And the way it handles links and external files makes it a very natural way to capture all the information you need. And the support is outstanding. Peter Miller Object Consulting Sydney, Australia" 21-Jan-11
"I like the academic approach and how Compendium is not a drawing tool but a question/answering modelling tool, and that made choose it above other products." 20-Jan-11
"Compendium is a nice, fairly complete application for managing large amounts of disparate information. I find the type of diagrams that can be created to be somewhat limiting, though." 18-Jan-11
"Compendium is one of the better tools we've used for making visible and tracing over time the cognitive interactions structuring distributed collective practices." 17-Jan-11
"Compendium has helped me tremendously in teaching graduate nursing students. In our evidence based practice course I can support critical dialogue that demonstrates how the use of evidence is really a process of informal argumentation that makes the case for practice decisions." 17-Jan-11
"Compendium is the best mindmap software available as far as I'm concerned. The Tony Buzan stuff is too 'over the top' and too expensive for me. I've tried free mind but i dont like the limited layout. Now I've found Compendium I don't need to look any further. I've passed on the download page and a good recommendation to my online friends too. Thank you for Compendium. Julie http://getselfsufficient.org/blog/" 17-Jan-11
"Compendium is a wonderfully efficient way of not just gathering information, but comparing, finding relationships and evaluating their significance." 14-Jan-11
"The compendium is a fantastic tool to record ideas, and link them together with other ideas. As a reflective learning tool, and also for sharing how individuals reach certain conclusions, the thoughts behind." 14-Jan-11
"Compendium is a powerful tool that supports the thinking and disciplined creativity of its users. I use if routinely in my consulting practice for dialogue, knowledge and issue mapping as well as for process mapping. My clients, who are founders and owners of small businesses, often carry around the jpg maps because they find then so useful. ~ Patricia Sachs Chess, PhD, Chess Business Strategies" 14-Jan-11
"I have found Compendium to be a helpful and valuable tool to use both personally and with students in the acquiring and sorting of materials to be dealt with and mastered. Its graphical display has helped with both retention of data and assessment of options to ber considered." 13-Jan-11
"Compendium is a very useful tool for concept modelling Dr Phil Keevil" 13-Jan-11
"It's good, if a little difficult to get used to, it's free and it works well. I use it often! Mike J." 13-Jan-11
"It is an excellent tool that allows the user to manage the 'soft' data that is essential to understanding those issues that are difficult to manage as a result of the different perspectives of interested parties." 13-Jan-11
"As a research organizer and planning tool for student essays presentations that critically analyze knowledge claims (Grade 12 IB Theory of Knowledge course). I am also really interested in investigating using it to develop concept map based UbD outlines for unit & lesson plans." 13-Jan-11
"My firm whole heartedly endorses Compendium! We can never run our business without it!" 12-Jan-11
"I recommend Compendium (I use version 2.0 Beta) because it gives a powerful conceptual modeling tool for the business applications and for schools. Silvio Pastore Stocchi Senior Business Analyst Telecom Italia Sparkle" 12-Jan-11
"Compendium means more than a tool for our project; it is a full work philosophy when choosing options in our complex decision trees while designing projects, developing research discussions, following academic debates, planning activities and evaluating alternatives. Compendium let us visualize thinking structures, component interlinks, pathways, and link vital information sources right in front of us, sharing a common map for collaborative working. Francisco Gallo M www.bambhaus.org Altran Award for Innovation 2008" 12-Jan-11
"Wonderful tool! Thank you for all the good work you guys have done." 12-Jan-11
"IBIS has changed my life. It is simple enough to work with others who have not had special training and with software like Compendium it can scale far beyond the needs our needs. I have ADHD and mapping out problems with IBIS helps me to slow down, orientate and stay focused. A few months ago my wife and where about to move to the west end of Toronto. She had gone for a tour of a larger apartment, ect and we went to give notice to our landlord but the office was closed for a few hours. After reading Dialog Mapping, I decided to use IBIS to compare this place with our long term goal of moving to Japan. After about 1.5 hours and googling our questions we decided on Japan with confidence. The IBIS methodology gave us the room to explore our quality of life criteria, plug in the math questions and answers, and be objective in a time sensitive situation. I use Compendium in meetings and in GTD (Getting Things Done) weekly reviews. GTD is the leading productivity methodology. It helps me to analyze the week and plan for the next. As I move into a 'virtual office' from Japan I will be using Compendium with screen-sharing and making a few screencasts as well. My 3 suggestions: 1. Buy Dialog Mapping by Jeffery Conkin 2. Download Compendium 3. Join the Yahoo mailing group Make a good day, Jason John Wells eTohgo.com" 12-Jan-11
"Compendium is brilliant for deconstructing all kinds of different systems. I use it a lot to find hidden structures, sometimes hidden, and sometimes not always aware of by the users of the system. Compendium helps me to find themes across systems that appear to have no particular connection. I also use Compendium to structure and organise websites. I used to use mindmaps, but got frustrated by the limitations (and cost) - Compendium has no central focus, so the researcher does not get caught up in the initial idea. The ability to change the type of input from question to answer etc, is very useful as I work on understanding the nature of the problems, particularly wicked problems." 12-Jan-11
"I use Compendium to structure market plans because our products and services apply across many sectors of industry. Compendium provides the flexibility I need to look at the whole and each sub sector on its own merits. Ian Russell, Managing Director, Codeway Ltd" 12-Jan-11
"Compendium is a wonderful tool for documenting and cross referencing information, but you can also use if for so much more - with just a little bit of imagination. Many thanks to the Compendium Team for providing such a great application for free. Johnathan Kemp" 12-Jan-11
"A tool that will have great influence on multiuser data visualization and management and that will surely in 10 years be implemented in "Media systems". designer Manolo Folcarelli inspireBy.com" 12-Jan-11
"Considering Compendium as a sort of mind map tool, it is the only tool that allows full flexibility in how information is linked instead of just representing information as rooted trees. Geir Horn, SINTEF" 12-Jan-11
"As a researcher and University Lecturer, the ability to create layers of complexity within the maps and customise link groups between nodes in Compendium allows me to use it in a multitude of ways: to map and track evidence and to develop ideas from literature and laboratory data, to create conceptual maps of molecular function, to plan lectures, to design projects and to track students across courses. Compendium is one of the most useful applications I have come across. Dr Peter Grabowski Lecturer in Bone Biology, University of Sheffield." 12-Jan-11
"This is the best mind mapping tool available so far, well done with a great software tool." 12-Jan-11
"Compendium is my utility of choice to organise my thesis research. The visual layout allows me to immediately pick up my research train-of-thought even after a lull period, and the ability to embed research papers in .pdf is invaluable and time saving. - Matthew, BTI." 12-Jan-11
"I find Compendium extremely useful in order to determining clear problematics in mind structures. Its typical top-down approach allows us to clarify protocols for our mind-matter interactions experiments. Michel Rousseau Noetics Institute, French Subsidiary" 12-Jan-11
"Its a wonderful tool to help visualize ideas thoughts for the uninitiated" 12-Jan-11
"I like compendium because of its hyper-textual character. Like a web page it enables working with non-linear and complex patterns with relative ease. A normal word processor is more linear and doesn't facilitate that working backwards and forwards between a part and a whole" 12-Jan-11
"I can think of no greater tool to use where undertaking sense making tasks." 12-Jan-11
"After a two minute rundown explaining the "grammar", I found it was a very effective tool to quickly convey how I had understood the issue so that any discrepancies could be addressed. It was so quick people could give me feedback immediately rather than feeling that they had to go away with a document to read>digest\>review>and report." 12-Jan-11
"Compendium is a revolutionary program that helps you organize your thoughts and arguments systematically and link them through a cohesive string of logic. With an assortment of symbols and an easy-to-use interface, it can be a student's best friend from just organizing thoughts to planning out a 10-page argumentative essay on macroeconomics." 12-Jan-11
"I can see the way this software is developing and feel that it is headed for new and interesting territory. It's not quite like anything else. John Kuti Open University student." 12-Jan-11
"Great tool to help straightening the discussion process." 12-Jan-11
"This is a simple but useful tool that can be used to explore and develop complex ideas. The learning curve is no challenging and the resulting diagrams are easy to understand. John Anderton - OU Undergraduate." 12-Jan-11
"I had a look at many tools for argument visualization. Compendium is the only one that caters a variety of different needs that I encounter in my projects. Also, I appreciate that there is an active user community and that as a software, Compendium is still being further developped. It doesn't only have an interesting past - but also a promising future. There is a lot of funding going into ambitious software development projects that in the end turn out to have hardly any practical value. In my opinion, it would be much better to stick with those tools that have proven to be useful and develop them further. Compendium surely would be one of the top candidates for this." 12-Jan-11
"Compendium is a quite extraordinary tool which helps put complex and intractable problems into a visual perspective that makes them more accessible." 12-Jan-11
"I find compendium an excellent tool for developing visual representations of knowledge. I use it whenever I need to look at the different layers of a problem or, in the case of software, work out the various control flows Alex Kashko BSc MSc Phd" 12-Jan-11
"Compendium's ability to represent different connected views of sets of information that share some of the same items (people, places and things) lets me keep track of my life in an intuitive way that makes me better at my job." 12-Jan-11
"Compendium is a fantastically flexible tool for many aspects of my research, including project planning, brainstorming, collaborative problem-solving and organising literature reviews. As it's all in one tool its easy to keep track of everything and understand the links between them. Dr H McAlpine, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bath, UK." 12-Jan-11
"Great tool. I continue to use it and await further developments." 12-Jan-11
"Compendium is really useful when you need to some research quickly and pull together ideas along with their references from all sorts of sources. The nodes on the map can link to pdfs, URL and other files so you can find everything easily and then share the whole thing with other people." 11-Jan-11
"I appreciate the Open Source philosophy adopted by the Compendium team and their supportive attitude to their users." 11-Jan-11
"Anyone who needs to solve problems or generate ides should take a look at Compendium before any other appilcation, free or sold." 11-Jan-11
"Compendium is an excellent resource for managing data in complex research projects in a way that feels effortless - it adds richness to existing data and is comfortable to use. I recommend it in preference to standard mindmapping softwares since its cross-linking nodes create better working methods, and its ability to handle multimedia files mean it can also be used as a project dashboard. I use it to manage a multidisciplinary architectural research project, and find it beneficial. - Alison McDougall-Weil, University of Cambridge" 11-Jan-11
"Privilege to be able to use such a powerful tool without having to pay for it! Thanks to its flexibility for mind mapping, I have used it to structure presentations and writing. Thank you!!" 11-Jan-11
"Not-for-profit organizations need mind-mapping and consultation tools that can handle complexity, but most of them can't afford the commercial software. Compendium is a wonderful, highly functional mapping tool that can be used in a wide variety of ways by nonprofits." 11-Jan-11
"Unitarians love to question, discus and argue about everything - that's why we're Unitarians. Like others, we want to be heard. Prior to using Compendium, being heard was not easily evidenced. We wasted a lot of time and emotional frustration in repeating ourselves endlessly. Now, at critical Fellowship meetings, in addition to our moderator, we have a "scribe". The scribe captures the conversation, using Compendium. This is projected on a screen that all can see. The results have been spectacular. Not only can the moderator gently refer a repeated idea back to the screen, but Compendium also helps to organize our thoughts and keep us on topic. Enough said - getting agreement from Unitarians has been described as being "like herding cats". Compendium helps immeasurably. Thank you!" 11-Jan-11
"Once I got used to the application, compendium has proven to be an intuitive and powerful tool. Its visual effect for presentations is far in advance of any freeware and rivals commercial competitors." 11-Jan-11
"It keeps the interface between one's mind and the map as thin as possible - which is how it should be." 11-Jan-11
"Compendium is an excellent tool and easy to use" 11-Jan-11
"Amazingly simple application to map out ideas and designs." 11-Jan-11
"I think it is very useful for text analysis and fun as well - it makes the job done easier (Maria Kapsali, research associate Imperial College Business School)" 11-Jan-11
"Compendium has been very useful as a personal conceptualization aid, allowing me to collect my thoughts and visualize a situation. Features such as external links deepen this experience." 11-Jan-11
"A very useful software, I a m glad to have ! Thank you very much ! qu_lo" 11-Jan-11
"1) The most wonderful possibility I found in Compendium was the "Learning Path". I always build a path like that when I want to study languages, for example. I select my own material and distribute it the way I want. It helps a lot when we are studying alone. 2) Another thing I like to do is the analysis of an exam. I organize all the questions according to my answers and write commentaries. After that, I write other possibilities of answers and see what I have to improve. 3) The third and last thing I'd like to say here is the development of a lecture. As a teacher, I use Compendium to build a logical structure to facilitate the life of my students, they love to see and to share my concept maps. Igor Barca UFRN - Brazil" 11-Jan-11
"Very nice GUI interface." 11-Jan-11
"Among my geek friends, compendium has a great reputation as a program with power & flexibility. I found the learning curve too challenging though." 11-Jan-11
"As physicist I usually have to learn new and complex subjects and the mind map (MM) approach is the best way I have found to achieve it. I believe Compendium is one the best, if not the best, MM tool. Instituto de Física - Universidade Federal Fluminense - Brasil." 11-Jan-11
"I have really enjoyed using Compendium as a teaching tool and have also found it an effective way of presenting my own ideas. Elouise Huxor, Associate Lecturer, Open University" 11-Jan-11
"I find the flexibility and feature set of Compendium astounding, regardless of the price. I was specifically searching for a hypermedia tool for technical training development, and Compendium fits that application perfectly. The cherry on top of course is the price (free!)." 11-Jan-11
"Compendium is a great, easy-to-learn collaboration and mindmapping program. I produced my first map within 30 minutes and shared the results with others in a pdf format. Christian Cowley, CEED Centre Society--Community Education on Environment and Development, Canada" 11-Jan-11
"It can make your student's life from hell to heaven. Arturo ing. Anniballo" 11-Jan-11
"So far Compendium has been very useful - one potential improvement is the export function - and consideration of how to share the maps with non-Compendium users. Jpeg is not a great option." 11-Jan-11
"Super-Software. Einfach zu installieren, zu nutzen und zu sichern. Ich arbeite z.Zt. an einer deutschen �bersetzung und finde die vielfältigen Einsatzmöglichkeiten und Anwendungsbereiche einfach toll. Markus Breuckmann, Koordinator, Katholisches Internationales Zentrum Hannover" 11-Jan-11
"Compendium is unique in its sophistication and the richness of its feature set." 11-Jan-11
"In beginning planning for a major website upgrade, and for work in the are of future strategic planning, my overriding concern was developing real shared understanding of goals and terminology used as it seemed that this was the biggest potential pitfall ahead. Compendium has provided us with the perfect tool to enable clear communication and facilitation, while also recording discussion and decisions made. As a manager in the library context, and coming from a background in education, I see huge potential for using this tool in a range of contexts." 11-Jan-11
"I am eagerly keeping on watching how this tool will develop itself in the future. Potential is there, but it needs to be developed and implemented properly." 11-Jan-11
"The Compendium Tool is a great way to organise and plan your learning activities in a programme, a series of modules or a series of lectures or classes - it really makes you think about how things fit together! Santanu Vasant Brunel University" 11-Jan-11
"I find Compendium to be an invaluable tool for harnessing the creativity of my mind. I sometimes have trouble keeping my busy mind focused, and Compendium is a real asset in helping me capture the ideas and observations that are uncovered by my keen intuition." 11-Jan-11
"J'utilise COMPENDIUM pour un usage personnel mais aussi dans la clinique médicale où je travaille, pour piloter des projets et travaux en groupe. COMPENDIUM nous a considérablement aidé pour piloter et réussir notre certification v2007. Actuellement nous travaillons sur l'accréditation V2010 et l'ensemble du manuel d'accréditation de la Haute Autorité de Santé a pu être transposé e dans COMPENDIUM pour faciliter les discussions à l'inté rieur des groupes de travail. COMPENDIUM est l'un de nos outils majeurs. Merci ! - Dr Jc GROSJEAN - Clinique CHRISTINA - CHALABRE -11270 - FRANCE." 11-Jan-11
"Compendium allows my colleagues and I to remain focused on the discussion taking place and as an indisputable conversational recording tool. Essential. - Andrew Vevers, Leeds City Council, UK" 11-Jan-11
"One of the best tools to structure my thoughts. AP" 11-Jan-11
"I can recommend Compenidum as an extremely useful thinking tool for everybody who likes to think with the help of visualisations. Because of his non-hierarchical structure it allows to develop complex theoretical models. Jarg Bergold, Freie Universität Berlin" 11-Jan-11
"Compendium is a brilliant mind mapping tool for study. It allows you to take snapshots of your notes, attach, build and map for current and future reference. I link videos, docs to the maps/info that I build. A tailor made encyclopedia built to my needs." 11-Jan-11
"The Compendium software is an incredibly powerful tool that lends itself to rapid capturing of the human thought process, as well as documenting the outcomes of ideas and projects. We use it in planning and documenting our simulation scenarios, which are continually evolving. Compendium is so easy to update, that it is worthwhile documenting early and giving a far greater transparency to what is otherwise generally a mystery to others - our software development process! Bronwen Campbell Active Learning Partners Australia" 11-Jan-11
"I used Compendium to create an evolving idea map of my PhD research. It's flexible conceptual structure allowed me to map out theoretical perspectives, draw relationships, nest diagrams and generally keep a tangle of ideas evolving with at least some degree of overall structure. Being able to export an entire set of maps to the web made it possible to have these at hand as reference for supervisory meetings - especially useful for remote interaction! Rean van der Merwe, PhD Student, MCT, Open University" 11-Jan-11
"I believe Compendium offers a unique function set among diagramming tools. Given that it's freely available, this makes it even better. It's user interface is especially easy, compared to other tools, and greatly facilitates its use." 11-Jan-11
"compendium is good for planning essays and following structures of arguements and rel;ationships yeah its the dogs baws" 11-Jan-11
"Compendium is the only tool supporting full Dialogue Mapping and n-dimensional maps. If it did not exist, I would have to hire someone to write an app for me. It is indispensable to my work." 11-Jan-11
"Compendium is for me a great tool, if the developpement could be faster it would be a great thing, there s so much to do to continue improving compedium I hope you will continue to maintain Compendium !!! and also I hope you could develop the image generation based on ppt" 11-Jan-11
"Compared with other argument mapping tools, Compendium is more visual, its user interface is easier to master, and it enforces fewer and simpler constraints. This makes it ideal for setting the scope of discussion and framing decisions to be made." 11-Jan-11
"Compendium has proven a most useful tool in helping to marshall my thoughts as I develop ideas and concepts in preparing the structure and laying the foundations of my Masters dissertation. (Technology Enhanced Learning, Innovation & Change - Sheffield Hallam University). Additionally Compendium helps link this planning with the grounded theory approach in organising, memoing, coding and categorising my data. @IaninSheffield on Twitter" 11-Jan-11
"Compendium is great. I had hardly any prior experience with conceptmapping tools, but Compendium took me less then an hour to setup, learn, appreciate, and already benefit from it." 11-Jan-11
"Fantastic concept mapping tool. Seamless installation on my MacBook Pro. Quint Rahaman, Jr." 11-Jan-11
"Not recommended. Too inconvenient due to the effort involved in remembering and using YET ANOTHER required login and password in a private, secure environment." 11-Jan-11
"I have found Compendium a very useful tool for mapping ideas with links, a hieracy in levels, and information during my post-graduate studies. The simple operation and availability from the Open University have benefits over other options. I have also recomended Compendium to my work colleques." 11-Jan-11
"Compendium is an essential software for academic work. With the emergence of discourse analytical methods in social research compendium offers the perhaps best available tool to map discourses. It directly visualises the complexity underlying social communication and allows to publish the findings online. Ideal to feed back to the public and stakeholders. Dr. Frank Schiller, University of Surrey" 11-Jan-11
"Compendium is a very easy to install, learn and use application which every teacher could use to improve transfer of knowledge inside the classroom." 11-Jan-11
"Frank McConnell of Frankspeaking I prefer Compendium to other mapping programs I have used because, with great ease, I can develop a project or idea from the simplest introduction to the most complex level that the work needs. I know I have not yet used its fullness and that gives me confidence. I suppose the only thing that holds me back is my own creativity with my project." 11-Jan-11
"Any tool which helps the exploration, representation and sharing of knowledge and encourages the formation of insights and cognitive maps will be useful to the learning process. - Denis O'Brien, Associate Lecturer, B822: Creativity, Innovation and Change Module of the OU MBA. d.d.obrien@open.ac.uk" 10-Jan-11
"After trying tons of software for mind mapping I believe that Compendium is the most powerful software freely available." 10-Jan-11
"Compendium allows parsing a discussion in a consistent way. It allows evaluation of the support for conclusions/decisions based on inductive logic. I don't think any other tool does this as well." 10-Jan-11
"Compendium is an amazing tool for bringing clarity to really, really hard problems. I often use it to help clients and peers think through complex issues, and after every one of those sessions, without fail, people always ask, "What was that tool you used? It was great!" 10-Jan-11
"I greatly appreciate the work that has been done by the developers of Compendium to address the requirements for capturing IBIS maps. Thank you! -- KC Burgess Yakemovic, Director of Training, CogNexus Institute" 10-Jan-11
"Compendium - at the centre of my computer life. David Jones" 10-Jan-11
"Compendium is one of the most exciting and useful tools that I have found over the last five years Compendium is exactly what I was looking for Compendium is a brilliant tool for capturing every contribution in a discussion, and a flexible friend for making sense of complex issues" 10-Jan-11
"Mario Valle (Swiss National Supercomputing Centre) Compendium is a fantastic tool to clarify to yourself a problem. It's fast graphical interface helps capture issues and ideas fast. Hope it moves forward and continue to improve." 10-Jan-11
"This is an excellent tool. I have used it for my work and extensively for my MSc with the Open University. Superb product support by a helpful and dedicated team. Allan Gardner" 10-Jan-11
"Compendium is a vast tool that you can use to open your imagination, and go back to points that you may later forget, which is great for tying up ideas." 09-Jan-11
"i would encourage any one involved in JAD sessions (as facilitator, member or inheritor) to look closely at compendium. it's ability to record, organize and re-organize ideas is unsurpassed by any tool out there. AND ITS FREE" 09-Jan-11
"Many thanks for keeping up the good works. Please continue" 09-Jan-11
"LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!! Please keep developing it by adressing tweeks and more functionality as discussed in yahoo user group and in the support ticket log site. I have never endorsed a program before this one. THANK YOU!" 09-Jan-11
"Compendium is an exceptionally useful tool. At first, it seems complex and quite daunting to use, but perseverance will open up a vast range of options to develop and visualise understanding of complex issues. There is a very active and creative user community willing to share wonderful examples which increase the potential of this tool. It also has the ability to integrate the maps into Moodle which is great for sharing with colleagues and students." 08-Jan-11
"Compendium is an amazing tool for bringing clarity to really, really hard problems. I often use it to help clients and peers think through complex issues, and after every one of those sessions, without fail, people always ask, "What was that tool you used? It was great!"" 08-Jan-11
"Argument mapping with Compendium is an excellent tool to analyse and construct arguments in philosophy. The "Compendium templates for Critical Thinking" (http://compendium.open.ac.uk/compendium-arg-schemes.html) are very useful." 08-Jan-11
"Excellent tool that provides unique technology for recording knowledge." 07-Jan-11
"I require the use of Compendium in training courses related to online collective intelligence work. I use Compendium in by consulting and in my thesis research." 07-Jan-11
"You should really look at Compendium... the best tool I have ever seen for gathering and documenting requirements. - Craig Reding, Executive Director-Systems Analysis & Programming, Verizon Communications" 01-Jan-08
"Compendium is such an amazing software tool. For me it is the Tool of Choice for gathering and making sense of the fragmented bits that come with wicked problems. I use it routinely with clients and am always amazed at its elegance and power. - Jeff Conklin, Cognexus Institute, author of Dialogue Mapping: Building Shared Understanding of Wicked Problems" 01-Jan-08
"I have to say that I still find this the best tool that I've found for discussions, planning, and tracking to-do items.... Thank you again for this brilliant product. - Robert Heath, IBM Silicon Valley Laboratory" 01-Jan-08
"I just discovered Compendium and am stunned. I've been a user of other knowledge organizing applications like PersonalBrain and MindManager for many years but never came across Compendium until now. How did the Compendium Institute keep this gem hidden for so long? I want to thank all the developers and team at the .compendiuminstitute for bringing this wonderful application into being. Thank you very much! Compendium is unique in its offering as a collaborative meeting facilitation/idea organizing tool. Installing Compendium 1.5 was a pleasant breeze. I'm really excited about the potential uses for Compendium. I've already tagged it under del.icio.us and hope to see more of its bright future in enabling better personal and group knowledge management and collaboration. - Tony Ching, RN, Knowledge Base Coordinator" 01-Jan-08
"I find Compendium as a methodology to be invaluable in my work as a facilitator. The Compendium software is adaptable to a wide range of situations and is in a class by itself. And linking up with the Compendium community through the listserve is very educational and enriching. - Nick Papadopoulos, Facilitator" 01-Jan-08
"Outstanding software. Absolutely beautiful user interface and very quick to work with. Awesome program from what I've seen so far. The online videos were excellent and very helpful introducing me to the various parts of the program. I tend to not think in terms of 'Top' but rather in a network of relationships and Compendium just feels right. - Scott L. Holmes, Aramark" 01-Jan-08
"Congratulations. Great tool. Best looking icon on my tool bar. I tend to leave my Compendium KB running all the time (24*7) since I am always refering to it and always adding new information as I discover the minor secrets of the universe. The system is so much more performant and less resource hungry that I do not hesitate to run multiple databases at once. Very handy. - Ron Wheeler, VP of Technology, Artifact Software" 01-Jan-08
"v. 1.4 is a brilliant piece of work! Installs like a champ, no sticky MySQL mess. This is the step I've been waiting for ... Bravo, Michelle, and everyone else involved in the project! - Steve Auerweck, The Baltimore Sun" 01-Jan-08
"I've just begun to use the Compendium software I downloaded last week. It is very impressive and I just love the accompanying articles and thought pieces I read from the Compendium Institute and the CogNexus Institute. Very insightful stuff. - Paul Hilt, Hilt & Associates" 01-Jan-08

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