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Date Title View Map View Outline Description Author Download  
09 Mar 2011 Relating learning outcomes to activities view map icon view outline icon This map is a test of a way to map the relationships between learning outcomes and activities, intended to show inconsistencies. Andrew Brasher download icon
18 Jun 2010 Peer assessment using a wiki view map icon view outline icon This desgn uses a wiki to involve students in exploration of a theory, reflect on how it might impact on their current practice, and to analyse others' ideas on the same topic using a process of peer assessment. It could be used in applied disciplines e.g. business/management, or health and social care. This is a prototype of a design, i.e. the design is not fully developed. It is intended as a prompt for others to build on and make specific to their needs. The example includes a link to a website about activity theory as an exemplar, but this example should be replaced by one or more appropriate resources by the teacher using the design Andrew Brasher download icon
18 Jun 2010 Middle East role play view map icon view outline icon This example shows some background information about the use of simulations and role playing in teaching, as well as the learning activity itself. It uses nodes from the core learning design stencil, and the clock timing indicator from the sequence mapping stencil. This learning activity is based on a paper written in 1998 (Vincent, A. and Shepherd, J. (1998)). Andrew Brasher download icon

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