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Screencast: introductory movie to Compendium, set in the context of the ECOSENSUS project which is integrating a GIS tool to support participatory environmental decision-making between UK researchers and Amerindians in Guyana.

Welcome to the Compendium Institute (* web archive *)

Historical Note: This website used to be hosted at, but in Jan 2021 was moved to Simon Buckingham Shum's project archives for posterity! Some key links to software downloads and the new online group have been updated, and while Compendium still runs on many machines thanks to the magic of Java, its code is not currently in active development.

In March 2013 we released our final version from The Open University's Knowledge Media Institute (KMi), and the community launched its own initiative to take development forward for several years. The KMi team then switched focus to web-based platforms for online deliberation and collective intelligence, based in the Hypermedia Discourse Project, which evolved into the IDEA Lab led by Prof. Anna De Liddo.

Compendium is about sharing ideas and breaking down the boundaries between dialogue, artifacts, knowledge, and data. Please visit the resources on this site to learn more. See what our users are saying...

The Community Showcase

Visit the Community Showcase... Visit the Community Showcase... Visit the Community Showcase... Visit the Community Showcase... Visit the Community Showcase...

The Compendium Exchange

Compendium has a place where the community can share maps, stencil set, themes and more. Here we are also developing Compendium training materials.
The Compendium Exchange

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