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Blue Oxen Associates

Blue Oxen Associates is a think tank devoted to studying and improving high-performance collaboration. We are particularly interested in studying knowledge processes -- how we share and acquire knowledge, and how we use tools to augment our abilities to inform, to learn, and to collaborate.


Center for Creative Leadership

We have been viewing leadership as making shared sense out of complexity and chaos. Compendium is thus a methodology for leadership. Our intent is to explore the utility and implications of this last statement by experimenting with Compendium in fostering leadership.

The mission of the Center for Creative Leadership is to advance the understanding, practice and development of leadership for the benefit of society worldwide. CCL is a non-profit research and educational institute.


Knowledge Media Institute - Open University

The Knowledge Media Institute provides the UK's Open University and collaborating partners with advanced prototypes of internetworked media for collaboration and knowledge construction. KMi is working with the Compendium Institute on several projects into mediating discourse, organizational memory, and scientific publishing and peer review. One of its technologies - D3E - transforms Compendium maps into structured web discussion documents, and Compendium is used for collaborative modeling in the ScholOnto Project.



The Compendium methodology was originally developed in 1993 at NYNEX Science & Technology, now a part of Verizon.

Compendium has been applied on more than 50 projects at NYNEX, Bell Atlantic, and Verizon.


CogNexus Institute

CogNexus Institute offers tools and skills for groups dealing with complex and ill-structured situations. The Institute's mission is creating organizational coherence in the service of world peace and healing. We specialize in teaching the Dialog Mapping technique, facilitation and consulting using Dialog Mapping, and research on collaborative technologies for complex problem solving and design situations.


Agent iSolutions

Agent iSolutions is a project team at NASA Ames Research Center developing work systems solutions using agent based technology. The team is responsible for modeling and analyzing work systems that can include NASA missions as well as NASA operations. The team is furthermore responsible for developing the language and software that allows for agent based simulations of work systems allowing for testing work systems before they are implemented. The software that supports the modeling, simulation and analysis of work systems is collectively called Brahms.


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